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Enhancing milking performance and safeguarding health!


Optimizing milk production

Chilling Boosts Milk

Enhanced cow milk production through cold protection

Minimal Power Usage

Low power consumption of the 12-volt system, replaced by a rechargeable battery on a weekly basis

Udder Protection Solutions

Protection of cow’s udder from contamination and damage

Optimal Milking Alerts

Timely notification of the appropriate milking time for the cow

What is AniScore?

AniScore is a cutting-edge wearable device that enhances milking efficiency and protects the udders of cattle and sheep. It features advanced udder heating, customizable covering, and smart control, resulting in increased milk production and improved udder health.

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Maximize milk output and udder protection with AniScore

AniScore is the game-changing solution for dairy farmers seeking to optimize milk production and ensure the health of their cattle and sheep's udders. Our wearable device utilizes state-of-the-art features, including a smart control system, advanced udder heating, and a customizable covering. By maintaining the ideal udder temperature, preventing contamination, and providing real-time milk timing information, AniScore empowers you to maximize milk output while safeguarding udder health.

Cutting-edge Solution for

Creating Ideal Conditions for Enhanced Comfort and Performance

Pollution protection

Pollution protection

Milking time notification

Milking time notification

Temperature adjustment

Temperature adjustment

Maximize milk output and udder protection with AniScore

Transform your dairy farm with AniScore’s cutting-edge technology.

Our Team in Aniscore

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