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Our goal

The goal of AniScore is to revolutionize livestock care and milking efficiency by providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining optimal udder health and increasing milk production in cattle and sheep.

Our vision

The vision of AniScore is to create a future where farmers can maximize their yields, improve the well-being of their livestock, and optimize their milking operations through innovative technology.

Who we are?

Mohsen Nasseri

Director of Operating Officer
Responsible for contacting potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings, planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives and developing growth strategies and plans.

Ashraf Asadi

Chief of Technology Officer
Responsible for technology development to meet the company’s product specifications, establishing strategic partnerships with some other technology partners such as universities.

Mahdi Seyedtarrah

Director of Business Development
Responsible for overseeing quality control of AniScore product in different steps of production, providing direct oversight to each of the major divisions within the production environment.