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AniScore, a livestock tech startup, expands globally with its patented cow breast heating system, addressing lactation issues and protecting intellectual property. Focused on North America, the company aims to revolutionize dairy farming with innovative wearable gadgets.

AniScore’s innovative product, a cow breast heating system designed to increase lactation and prevent infections, has propelled the company into the international market. With a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch in Iran, AniScore is now poised for the “Growth Stage” by expanding its operations to Canada. To safeguard its intellectual property, AniScore has recently published a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, protecting Canada and 153 other countries. The company’s commitment to addressing weaknesses, particularly in marketing, is evident in its plan to hire a native marketing specialist upon entering the Canadian market. AniScore’s proactive approach to potential threats includes ongoing research and development for product improvement, supported by a solid foundation of legal compliance with existing laws in the industry. With a target market comprising farms and breeding centers for lactating animals, AniScore aims to capture a significant share, starting with Canadian dairy farms and expanding throughout North America. The company’s patented technology, featuring a unique heating system, adjustable udder covering, and an electronic control system, positions it as a leader in the wearable gadgets segment within the livestock industry. The recent certification under the Canada Business Corporations Act further solidifies AniScore’s legal standing and commitment to transparent business practices, setting the stage for a successful venture in Canada and beyond.